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A Magical Society: Silk Road

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A Magical Society: Silk Road is 160 page supplement detailing great overland trade routes akin to the Historic Silk Road, including:

• What factors engender great overland trade routes

• What elements accompany the existence of silk roads

• How caravans function on the road within two historic terrains and two fantasy terrains

• An entire chapter dedicated to the Historic Silk Road with maps detailing major trade destinations

• A trade system with over 1,000 trade goods for total economic simulation


Shifting sands, daunting mountains, perilous heights, the prospect of fortune, and the promise of adventure…Silk Road. The name itself invokes adventure, danger, and a hint of the exotic. The historic Silk Road resides in Central Asia, surrounded by numerous mountain ranges and unforgiving deserts, but in a fantasy world, they can reside wherever you wish.

A Magical Society: Silk Road explores networks of land-based trade routes that span continents. Like its predecessors (A Magical Society: Western Europe and A Magical Society: Ecology and Culture), A Magical Society: Silk Road synthesizes information from the historic silk road and presents trends and information for role-playing and world-building. Unlike its predecessors, we provide information on the historic silk road due to the general unfamiliarity of Central Asian history.