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Thanks for shopping with Expeditious Retreat Press. We currently produce books in five lines: the Magical Society Line, World of Nevermore, 1 on 1 Adventures, Advanced Adventures, and 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons compatible product. Don't forget to check out Lands of Darkness #1: The Barrow Grounds, nominated for Best Adventure in the 2009 ENnies!

For those interested in buying our electronic product, please visit our preferred storefront for e-products-- Expeditious Retreat Press e-product can also be purchased as E23,, and OBS storefronts.

First Edition Gaming (OSRIC)

Adventures and supplements for the old-schoolers

Sorcery & Super Science!

Post-apocalyptic role-playing. Where gonzo and lethality meet and make babies!

1 on 1 Adventures/Pathfinder Compatible Products

1 on 1 Adventures is a series of action-packed scenarios for 1 player and 1 GM, easily scaled for more players.

A Magical Society Line

A series of books designed for worldbuilders

True20 (tm) Nevermore

A series of books set in Nevermore, a world where reason fades into myth and imagination. These products use the True 20(tm) system.

Monster Geographica

Monster Geographica is a line of digest-sized monster books. Each title is filled with 200 monsters from CR >1 to 20+ appropriate to each terrain type.

4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Check out all the exciting titles we've got in store for the 4th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons!

Damaged Copies

Dinged and Damaged Books at a Discount!

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