1/1/2013--I'm going to close this section of the webpage as I'm really using my blog for daily information about XRP. Thanks for everyone who's read this in the past and hope to see you over there!

6/1/2012--It's becoming clear that I do most of the XRP updates at my blog, so please drop by the blog to find out all the latest information on XRP.

3/24/2012--I've added Advanced Adventures #23: Down the Shadowvein and the OSRIC hardcover to our webstore.

3/15/2012--Wow! It's been months since I've updated the news area at the 'ole website. I spend most of my time at my blog, so if you want the latest, drop by there. Also, I'm on facebook and G+ as well as twitter.

Gen Con 2011: Suzi and I will be at Gen Con this year at booth # 1541. We're manning the Old-School Reniassance Group (OSRG) booth. For those who you who don't know about the OSRG here's some info.

Good gaming never goes out of style. The Old School Renaissance Group caters to those gamers who prefer the fast and imaginative play common in the golden age of gaming, where the battle cry is "rulings, not rules!" The OSRG is a hub for these gamers at Gen Con Indy, highlighting the creators and companies making new material in that old-school style. Featuring over 90 new titles for old-school gaming, the OSRG booth poses the question, perhaps the golden age of gaming is happening now.

The OSRG has just won a Gen Con Fellowship, so we'll be in an 20x10 endcap this year. If old-school style games are your bag, check out the OSRG blog.

7/12/2011--Sorry for the length of time since the last update! In the past 2.5 months we've released Advanced Adventures #18: The Forsaken Sepulcher, Creatures Below the Shattered Moon, and Malevolent & Benign (Pathfinder Edition). We've been very busy!

4/30/2011--Just in from the printers:1-on-1 Adventures #15: Cipactli's Maw! Also, we are holding a deep discount on various titles to clear some stock before our upcoming move to Columbus, OH. Surf our web-store and pick up $1 OGL 1-on-1 Adventure titles, 4e titles, True20 titles, Monster Geographica titles, and $2 Magical Society titles.

3/7/2011--Now available for sale at and other purveyor of XRP e-products: 1 on 1 Adventures #15: Cipactli's Maw!

2/7/2011--Just in from the printers-ZZZ Quick Guide to North America and Advanced Adventures #17: The Frozen Wave of Satsuma.

11/19/2010--Just in from the printers-Advanced Adventures #16: Under Shattered Mountain! Also, check out our e-supplements for Sorcery & Super Science!, offering more items, monsters, and character options!

8/10/2010--Just in from the printers - Advanced Adventures #15: Stonesky Delve is now in print and in PDF!

8/4/2010--Just in from the printers - Sorcery & Super Science is now in print! 48 pages of post-apocalyptic goodness! And don't forget the PDF version as well as the introductory adventure (and quickstart rules) The House of Blue Men.

6/4/2010--Just in from the printers -1 on 1 Adventures #14: A Sickness in Silverton!

6/1/2010--Sorcery & Super Science is available for Pre-Order!

6/1/2010--Big 4e sale all month! All books are only $4, except Freeport Companion and Nevermore, which are only $10. In addition, the PDFs of the books up at Your Games Now are at least 50% off as well!

5/24/2010--Just in from the printers- Advanced Adventures #14: The Verdant Vault of Malakum!

5/8/2010--New previews with upcoming releases and a sneak peak into art from Sorcery & Super Science! Hitting shelves later this month-Advanced Adventures #14: The Verdant Vault of Malikum. Coming this summer: 1 on 1 Adventures #14: Sickness in Silverton, 1 on 1 Adventures #15: Cipactli's Maw, Advance Adventures #15: Stonesky Delve, and our new game Sorcery & Super Science!

4/10/2010--Just in from the printers--Advanced Adventures #13: White Dragon Run.

3/11/2010--New covers on the preview page for the upcoming XRP titles!

3/6/2010--Just in from the printers: 1 on 1 Adventures #13: The Pearls of Pohjola!

2/22/2010--Now available in PDF: 1 on 1 Adventures #13: The Pearls of Pohjola! The adventure hits shelves in March.

2/7/2010-- Now available at our on-line store: Advanced Adventures #12: The Barrow Mound of Gravemoor

1/28/2010--Now available in PDF-Advanced Adventures #12: The Barrow Mound of Gravemoor! The book will hit shelves and our on-line store in February.

1/23/2010--Just in from the printers--Freeport Companion (4e)!

1/7/2010--We have a new review of Nevermore(4e) from the editor of Neuroglyph Games!

1/4/2010--Hope everyone had a great holiday season! We have been busy at XRP. The Freeport Companion (4e) is at the printers and should hit shleves by the end of January. For those that can't wait, the PDF is currently on sale at sites carrying XRP e-products. Work progresses on 1 on 1 Adventures #13: The Pearls of Pohjola and #14: A Sickness in Silverton (both powered by Pathfinder Roleplaying Game) and more Advanced Adventures titles. Look for cover previews in the upcoming weeks!

11/9/2009--1 on 1 Adventures #12: Journey into Riddle Canyon is now available at our on-line store!

11/4/2009--Nevermore is now available at our on-line store!

11/01/2009--We have concluded our Fall Sale! We hope everyone got the opportunity to take advantage the sale and enjoy their new XRP books while we settle into a chilly fall and full winter work schedule.

10/26/2009--One on One Adventures Compendium is now in stores and due to high demand, it has sold out and we are doing a second print run! What does that mean to fans? There are copies in stores now (and a few at our on-line store), and when stores sell out of their current stock, they will be restocked by November 17.

10/13/2009--Now available in PDF--1 on 1 Adventures #12: Journey into Riddle Canyon (powered by Pathfinder Roleplaying Game) and Nevermore (a 4e campaign setting)! Both titles are off to the printers and will hit your FLGS in November. Don't miss the new updates and covers on the Preview page.

10/7/2009-- Just in from the printers--Advanced Adventures #11: The Conqueror Worm and Castoff and Crossbreeds! The electronic version of Advanced Adventures #11: The Conqueror Worm is now available too!

10/6/2009--Just in from the printers--One on One Adventures Compendium!

10/2/2009--Come celebrate the changing of the seasons with XRP! Pick up XRP 4e and True20 titles for 50% off and receive $5 off Magical Society titles and $3 off our adventures during our Fall Sale (ends November 1).

9/9/2009--We've posted the cover for the upcoming Advanced Adventures #11: The Conqueror Worm in our Preview Section. One on One Adventures Compendium is off to the printers and the book should hit stores in October.

9/8/2009--The award-winning All Games Considered has posted their latest issue, and amongst all the offerings is an interview with Suzi (mark 17.06) at Gen Con talking about XRP in general and our upcoming game Sorcery & Super Science!

9/3/2009--One on One Adventures Compendium is off to the printers and is now available in PDF!

9/1/2009--Castoffs and Crossbreeds is off to the printers and is currently available as a PDF! Coming shortly to electronic storefronts and stores: One on One Adventures Compendium, powered by Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! We had a great time as Gen Con--thanks to everyone that stopped by the booth. We didn't take home the ENnie this year, but to be listed among such great nominees is honor enough.

7/15/2009--We have restocks on A Magical Society: Silk Road-just in from the printers!

7/14/2009--We're also pleased to announce that Lands of Darkness #1: The Barrow Grounds is nominated for Best Adventure in this year's ENnies awards. We've placed the title on-sale at our on-line store and for those that prefer digital products, at Pick up your copy before the polls close! (Voting takes place July 24-August 1, visit here for more details.) Winners will be announced at the ceremony at 7pm, Friday, August 14th, at the Westin Grand Ballroom during Gen Con Indy.

6/12/2009--Just in from the printers: Advanced Adventures #10: The Lost Keys of Solitude and the soft-cover of Malevolent and Benign !

6/10/2009--Malevolent and Benign, our first 1E bestiary, is now available in PDF and will hit stores in early July (soft-backed $26MSRP). For those that prefer a hardback, you can pick one up at for $39.95.

5/23/2009--The pdf of Advanced Adventures #10: The Lost Keys of Solitude is now available at The printed book will hit shelves in June.

5/11/2009--Lands of Darkness #6: The Wild Hills (designed for parties levels 3-5) is now available at our on-line store, FLGS, and in PDF at sites were XRP e-products are sold.

5/9/2009--We've put up new cover previews for our upcoming releases, and later this month Lands of Darkness #6: The Wild Hills will be hitting shelves and our on-line store.

4/26/2009--Now available at our on-line store: Advanced Adventures #9: The Lost Pyramid of Imhotep! In other news, we are making progress on the 4e Freeport Companion as well as the 1 on 1 Adventures Compendium (which will be powered by Patherfinder Roleplaying Game). On the horizon, we have more Lands of Darkness titles coming soon, as well as a OSRIC monster book coming out by Gen Con. We also have our Gen Con Indy booth assignment--booth 709.

3/23/2009--We just heard from our warehouse, and due to factors outside of our control, Lands of Darkness 5.5 The Home for Wayward Minions will not be in stores by April 1, but will be in stores later in April. To compensate for this unfortunate turn of events, we have placed the product for sale at our on-line store at and the PDF will be available this week at all sites that sell XRP e-product. We've also put up a preview for Advanced Adventures #9: The Lost Pyramid of Imhoptep (to hit stores later April/early May).

3/9/2009--Just in from the printers: Lands of Darkness #5: The Iron Mountains!

3/2/2009--Coming to stores April 1, don't miss Lands of Darkness 5.5: The Home for Wayward Minions, the April Fools' Edition of our 4e adventure line. In other good news, we will be attending RopeCon this summer! Suzi has been invited as a guest of honor and will be giving seminars and participating on panels, so you if find yourself in Helsinki in late July/early August, come and play! We'll also be at Gen Con Indy this year running a booth in the Exhibitor's Hall and sponsoring some registered events--more details as they come.

2/27/2009--It's that time of year again--time to appreciate and thank the people behind the screen! To celebrate GM's Day, we have placed most titles at our on-line store on sale, and until March 9th, you can pick up books at 25% off when you buy direct! If you prefer PDFs, you can pick up any XRP e-product 40% off when you purchase at until March 9th.

2/11/2009--We just received the remaining 1 on 1 Adventure OGL reprints from the printer and all 1 on 1 Adventure titles are available at our on-line store!

2/9/2009--Now in from the printers: Advanced Adventures #8: The Seven Shrines of Nav'k-Qar! We've also released the PDF of Lands of Darkness #5: The Iron Mountains.

1/27/2009--Just posted on our greetings page-State of XRP 2009.

1/16/2009--Just in from the printers:Lands of Darkness #4: Swamp of Timbermoor (also available in PDF). Get a sneak peek at the covers of upcoming products on our preview page and coming shortly, we'll release the State of XRP where we look at 2008 and project for 2009.

1/1/2009--Happy New Year's! The d20 sale is over, but all our products are available as PDFs at and all other e-retailers that carry XRP products.Archived News