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HOT OFF THE PRESSES! - All the below titles are recently released!

The Halls of Arden Vul: The most amazing megadungeon ever! We're proud to announce this massive 1,120 page megadungeon written for 1E/OSRIC. You're gonna love it!

Advanced Adventures #43: The Warrens of Zagash: The dwarves of these mountains are a good and trustworthy folk, friends to both men and elves dwelling in the region. But their ancient homeland hides many secrets that they might otherwise wish forgotten. Recent rumors have surfaced that a long lost dwarven hall has been discovered. There are whispers that the place was once the center of an evil dwarven cult, though the dwarven authorities will say nothing of it. A recently acquired treasure map points to an ancient dwarven tunnel complex. Could this be the place? Are these the dangerous halls that were once the home for a dwarven cult worshipping an entity they called the Earth Dragon?

Advanced Adventures #42: Dead in the Water: You crack your eyes open, surprised to be alive after the sudden storm. What was it that woke you? The hot sun? The stillness ringing in your ears? Bruised, you disentangle yourself from rope and debris on the deck and pull yourself up on the rail. You peer out across a sailor’s nightmare—a sea of glass. Not a ripple in the water as far as the eye can see. Not a whisper of wind touches the sails. You’ve heard stories of ships becalmed for weeks, throwing horses overboard to lighten the load and conserve water. You remember stories of starvation and cannibalism. You see other ships in the distance listing, torn and low in the water. Old. Dead. And you are too...dead, in the water.

Advanced Adventures #41: The Forgotten Grottoes of the Sea Lords: More than a century ago, the evil Sea Lords ruled this region. They were cruel men, devil-worshippers who practiced vile rites and were the terror of folk across the seas. But, like most tyrants, they were at last thrown down, their strong places sacked and destroyed. Now, they are little more than a name of fear and loathing. Little of them remains, but sometimes an isolated hold or other location is discovered, most filled with plunder from decades of their reign of terror. Your party has acquired a treasure map purporting to show the location of one of the Sea Lords old holds. While most were sacked and plundered long ago, this one seems to have been missed. With luck, perhaps some of their vast treasure remains for the taking!

Malevolent and Benign II: Evoking the early days of roleplaying, Expeditious Retreat Press is pleased to release Malevolent and Benign II, a new 1e monster book with 150+ new creatures and more than 75 illustrations in this 110-paged tome, compatible with the first edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game!

Advanced Adventures #40: The Horror of Merehurst: The island of Merehurst was once a bustling center for trade. But this was not to last, for in one single deadly night sixty years ago all the people and the animals of the town died - collapsing where they stood. The neighboring villagers of Coombe claimed that the miners dug too deeply into Ynyswel and the spirit of the isle was offended. The island gained a fearsome reputation and only the bravest would dare set foot upon its forested grounds. Yesterday strange lights were seen in the sky over the island and Ynyswel started smoking. The villagers can wait no longer. Brave adventurers must be found who are willing to investigate the Isle of Merehurst to either appease or oppose what lies behind the latest mysterious activities.

Advanced Adventures #39: The Dark Tower of Arcma: For many years now the locals around the village of Dunmoth have spoken only in whispers about the strange goings on in the Wild Woods around the village. Tales of a dark tower that appears in the night and then disappears again by day have been passed along for generations in the village. Strange creatures have been seen around this tower the like of which have never been seen or even heard of before. Creatures that appear almost to be some kind of monstrous combination of some of the most hideous and horrifying creatures known are claimed to have been seen near this tower. Rumors of the tower’s return have circulated, and a hearty band of adventures has left to explore the dread place. The question remains if they can return, however…

Advanced Adventures #38: White Dragon Run II: Return to the little village of White Dragon Run! At the edge of civilization— the place where monsters are a constant threat and adventurers thrive—reputations are made or broken, and deeds are performed only to be set in verse decades after the real story is long lost. On this thin line between country and chaos lies White Dragon Run, the last stop for the civilized before the well-trodden road becomes the weed-infested trail leading to creatures that would rather fight than herd, fish or farm. White Dragon Run II contains four new locations in the Skathernes: The Sane Hermit, The Rainbow In The Dark, the rare and unusual Ambulatory Tower, and the deadly Temple of the Snake God.

Advanced Adventures #37: Under Ruined Onm: Nearly seventy five years ago the greatest bard ever known in the dry land of Zanzia disappeared. Anton Deangelo was a hero famous for some of the greatest songs in Zanzian history. In verse, countless dragons he slew, dozens of giants he felled, and hundreds of demons he put to the sword! Outside of the world of song, he and his band of adventurers gathered significant riches and looted many dungeons all over the land. Then suddenly…he was gone. The last time he was heard from he and his merry band were outfitting an expedition to explore the ruined city of Onm in search of the lost Mandolin of Duaree the Mad.

Advanced Adventures #36: Aerie of the Cloud Giant Strategos: The hot and smoky badlands of the King of the Fire Giants lies behind the party: his great hall, once a symbol of his power and authority, now only a memorial to his terrible defeat. Within his hold, the party found information leading them onward in their quest to find the fearsome mind behind the recent giant uprising. Their journey has been long and tiring, but the end of the task lies ahead. A gigantic spire of a mountain rises into the sky. Around the peak, an unusual cloud hangs, as if tethered to the stony expanse itself. Perhaps it is here, among the peaks and the clouds, that the source of the giants' evil may be found?

Career Path Character Generation (Starfinder): Starfinder character generation puts all of the choices into your hands, allowing you to create any character concept that you’d like play. This is a great way of doing character creation, but sometimes you want something different—something random, something very random. Like, “Holy Crap! I just died during character creation!” random. If you find yourself in that mood, if you find yourself wanting to “discover” the character that you’ll be playing as opposed to “building” it, Career Path Character Creation (CPCC) is for you. You’ll start out playing a character with a full-blown history as opposed to a character fresh off the farm.

Advanced Adventures #35: Desert Shrine of the Sightless Sisters: The Desert Shrine of the Sightless Sisters is an OSRIC(tm) module designed for 6-10 adventurers of levels 5-8. Several days to the east of the desert trading city Isfala, far from any oasis or caravan route, lies the remnants of an ancient Ziggurat, so crumbled with years as to be little more than an oddly-shaped mound in the surrounding wastes. The nomads say that it is an ancient temple to forgotten gods, a place of ill omen. Some whisper that it is not quite deserted, and that a sisterhood of devotees remains, guarding ancient secrets.

1 on 1 Adventures #21: The Gloom Over Dunnocksdell is a Pathfinder adventure designed for one GM and one player. The recent attacks have shocked Dunnocksdell! Tormented by the thought that some of their loved ones are in the grasp of foul magic, the villagers wanted to go looking into the woods for those still missing, but were afraid to leave their homes undefended, and were terrified of what they might run into. They could only guess at the source of the enchantment and found no way to undo it. Will you heed the call of the desperate in Dunnockdell?

1 on 1 Adventures #20: The Tomb of Kara-Duir is a Pathfinder adventure designed for one GM and one player. The tomb of Kara-Duir has finally been located! It is up to the player character to enter the tomb and retrieve the lost relic, the moon staff of Danu de Tuatha. Everything is going according to plan until the “resting place” of Kara-Duir turns out to just be a false tomb informing tomb raiders that only the fabled moon staff of Danu de Tuatha can find the real tomb and only the real tomb can recharge the great staff! Worse yet, the staff has been broken into three parts that first need assembly. Some days it just doesn’t seem to pay to tomb rob….

1 on 1 Adventures #19: Adventurer's Guild Local #409 is a Pathfinder adventure designed for one GM and one player. Hoping to raise their profile in the community and recruit new members, the Fraternal Order of Adventurers Local #409 has announced a contest. Can you win the contest and gain free Guild Membership? Sadly, in the last several years, membership in the Adventurer’s Guild has fallen off. Many adventurers have wandered off to other lands in search of danker, darker, deeper dungeons filled with shinier treasure and fiercer monsters. Others have remained local but subscribe to a “right to delve” philosophy and prefer to go it alone, with no Guild to back them up. These days, the old Local #409 is a shadow of what it once was, with only a handful of members. Many of those members are too old to effectively adventure. The Guild Hall is in need of repair and most of the staff has been dismissed. The Guild, in short, is dying. Only you can revitalize the once-great Guild!


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